Our Services


Government affects you and your interests in an ongoing basis. Our political relationships ensure you a seat at the table. We deliver result at the local, state and federal levels. We specialize in policy matters across a variety of industry segments, including, private equity, healthcare, energy, environment, tax and finance, education, foreign relations, and commercial construction, among others.

U.S. Government Relations

We have the capabilities to represent your foreign interests in the United States by offering regulatory, trade, and government affairs support. We recognize that legislation and agency policy decisions across a wide range of sectors will impact a nation or an organization’s vitality in a manner much more profound than court judgments. Political resistance towards a nation, an entire sector, or even a product can even lead to calamity on a large scale. From foreign governments, to businesses or associations we can help build support and move agendas like no other.

Economic Development

We understand both the business and government aspects of economic development. Our professionals have provided consulting and advice on public, private and public-private-partnerships throughout the United States. We regularly represent developers and established businesses to structure deals that would not occur without government incentives. We facilitate businesses in obtaining the maximum amount of incentives available for a given location. We can also advise on selecting areas we have experience obtaining more incentives than others. Working with Frinzi & Associates in obtaining economic development packages is a low cost, and low risk option.

Pardons and Commutations

The pardon and commutation process is not complex, but it does require specialized experience. We work on both state and federal convictions. If you want your pardon or commutation request heard, Frinzi & Associates will make that happen.