About Us

The highest levels of advocacy from Texas to Washington, DC and beyond.

Our Team

James Frinzi

Mr. Frinzi has experience working for US Senator Lisa Murkowski, and US Senator James Lankford. On a routine basis, Frinzi works with Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, and Governor Fallin from Oklahoma. Frinzi enjoys a relationship with Governor Scott Walker that spans over three decades. He has worked on all three of the Governor’s campaigns and is considered a trusted adviser by his administration. Frinzi enjoys a working relationship with Vice President Pence, and his policy advisers.

Tiffany Frinzi

Tiffany Frinzi has 20 years experience in direct mail, covering a wide variety of candidates, C4 issue advocacy groups, and political action committees. She also has years of experience managing member outreach for issue advocacy groups, and political political action committees.

Larry Gonzales

Honorable Larry Gonzales was most recently the Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee that funds the State Agencies, and a budget conferee, meaning he was 1 of 10 people who finalize the entire State Budget. He also served as Chairman of the prestigious Sunset Committee, which regulates the State Agencies in Texas. Gonzales served as staff to Chairman Kevin Brady, and Senator John Cornyn, and he still enjoys a great relationship with both of them.

Price Fallin

Price Fallin is the son of Governor Mary Fallin, of Oklahoma. He enjoys relations with Vice President Pence, Secretary Perry, Secretary Ross, and Secretary Zinke, and Secretary Purdue. Price is also active in the Republican Governor’s Association, and National Governor’s Association.

Chris Sanchez

Chris Sanchez served as Chief of Staff for Chairman Larry Gonzales (R-Round Rock) for more than eight years. During his time as chief of staff, Chris was responsible for developing legislative priorities, managing stakeholders, and providing high level policy research. He successfully passed more than thirty bills during his time as a Chief of Staff, including transformative legislation affecting several State Agencies.