About Us

The highest levels of advocacy from Texas to Washington, DC and beyond.

Our Team

James Frinzi

Mr. Frinzi has experience working for US Senator Lisa Murkowski, and US Senator James Lankford. On a routine basis, Frinzi works with Governor Greg Abbott of Texas, and Governor Fallin from Oklahoma. Frinzi enjoys a relationship with Governor Scott Walker that spans over three decades. He has worked on all three of the Governor’s campaigns and is considered a trusted adviser by his administration. Frinzi enjoys a working relationship with Vice President Pence, and his policy advisers.

Ed Miyagishima

Most recently served as Senior Advisor to the Administrator for the Transportation Security Administration and as the Chief of Protocol and Director of Operations, Scheduling and Advance for the Department of Homeland Security. Ed previously served in the George W. Bush Administration as Senior Advance Representative in the Executive Office of the President for Advance and Operations at the White House. Ed has also served as a key staff member for several governors including Governor Schwarzenegger in California, Governors Ron DeSantis and Rick Scott in Florida, where he served as the state’s Chief of Protocol. Prior to Ed’s time in Washington and Tallahassee, Ed served as Chief of Staff and Vice President of External Affairs for one of the nation’s largest seaports, Port Tampa Bay. Ed is most proud of his involvement in the creation and execution of many of the White House Coronavirus Task Force engagements around the country.

Larry Gonzales

Honorable Larry Gonzales was most recently the Chairman of the Appropriations Subcommittee that funds the State Agencies, and a budget conferee, meaning he was 1 of 10 people who finalize the entire State Budget. He also served as Chairman of the prestigious Sunset Committee, which regulates the State Agencies in Texas. Gonzales served as staff to Chairman Kevin Brady, and Senator John Cornyn, and he still enjoys a great relationship with both of them.

Price Fallin

Price Fallin is the son of Governor Mary Fallin, of Oklahoma. He enjoys relations with Vice President Pence, Secretary Perry, Secretary Ross, and Secretary Zinke, and Secretary Purdue. Price is also active in the Republican Governor’s Association, and National Governor’s Association.

Corey Lincoln Ticknor

Corey has most recently worked for Chairman Ryan Guillen, and has experience filing and passing hundreds of bills in this capacity. Corey is considered an expert in the Committee on Ways and Means in the Texas State House. When Corey isn’t at work, he loves the outdoors, and has a long track record as a NCAA wrestler.